Enter, proof, and analyze your survey data for Trinidad seabirds.

Add Seabird Observations

After seabird observations are gathered in the field, they can be recorded to a database using our app for biologists.

New Users

If you’ve never entered data for this project, you’ll need to create an account first. You can also read more about how we manage data.

How we manage data

To manage data, we collect it using a data entry tool, save it to a secure database, then have it proofed and approved for used in analysis. In general, surveyors have the ability to enter and proof data while managers have administrative tools to revise, approve, and delete data, as well as configure project settings.

  • If you’ve never entered data with us, you’ll first need to create an account. The process involves submitting an online form, having it approved by someone who administers the project (a Project Leader), and then signing into the data entry app.
  • After signing into the app, you’ll select the location of your survey, enter the observations you recorded, and save your input.
  • Next, you’ll proof what has been entered and mark the survey as complete.
  • Finally, a Project Leader will review entered surveys and select which ones can be used for analysis.
  • Data available for analysis are used to populate the graph and map visualizations. Additionally, all data (proofed or not) can be downloaded by a Project Leader for further analysis.